Are you ready for a CFO?

If you are in need of analyzing your KPI's to see a direct impact on your profit margins, we can help.

If you are in need of someone to translate the previous sentence, our Outsourced CFO can help.

As a business grows, its finances become increasingly complex. Fiscal policy, internal controls, and budgeting all require more time than you have. But ignoring them can undo all of the great things you have done.

BT&Co.’s Outsourced CFO program delivers the confidence and experience of an in-house Chief Financial Officer, without the expense of a C-level executive. It’s a CFO at the right time, when you’re not ready for full time.

  • Strategic Planning

  • Budgeting

  • Financial Statement Analysis

  • Cash Management

  • Financial Policy & Practices

  • Risk Management

  • Financing Issues

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Accounting System Analysis

  • Internal Control Analysis

Not quite sure you need an Outsourced CFO? Take the handy CFO quiz! 

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Take the CFO quiz
How would you rate your company on the following questions?
1. The budget is in line with the company's strategic plan.
2. The company has an annual budget in writing.
3. Cash inflow and outlay is monitored at least monthly, and weekly when activity warrants.
4. Inventories are monitored to maximize cashflow and minimize financial outlay.
5. Profit margins have increased over the last three years.
6. You have a clear perspective on profitability per product or service.
7. Business objectives are frequently evaluated to determine appropriate KPI's.
8. Your financial statements are always consulted when making decisions in your company.
9. Loan payments are current and in line with the agreements.
10. The ratio of the company's total debt to equity has decreased over the last year.
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