Audit Services

You should look for two things when you are selecting a firm to conduct your audits; Experience and Communication. We have both in spades. Our experience has refined our skill, that means better efficiency and a better value for our clients. We will respect the value of your time, you won’t have to waste your time calling us to try to find answers. Our timely, proactive communication will help you. The time you would have spent trying to contact you audit firm can now be spent contacting that new lead, or maybe finally calling your mom back.

Areas of Experience:

  • Government
  • Non-Profit
  • Federal A-133 Single Audits
  • Employee Benefit Plans
  • Low-Income Housing
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • No charge for routine questions throughout the year (we actually want you to call/email)
  • Whenever possible, we return emails and phone calls the same day they are received
  • Upfront discussion of project deadlines, target dates, etc.
  • Securely storing and transmitting your data
  • Concentration on internal control processes with recommendations on best practices – we see the audit as a way for you to improve and get better

We can also provide other training and assistance throughout the year.

Our quality control system has resulted in an unqualified peer review report with no comments for greater than 10 years.

If you have your audit Request for Proposal (RFP) available electronically, click below to upload it to us. If you'd like to discuss our audit services, please give us a call at (785) 234-3427.