We Want to Bring Humanity
Back to Accounting.

That desire is reflected in our core beliefs.


We've Adopted the FISH! Philosophy.

Be There.

We care about our customers, co-workers, and community. You’ll see it in our actions, not just our words. We believe we have a responsibility to be there in good times and bad.

Make Their Day.

Every day presents a unique opportunity to alter someone’s day for the better and we don’t like to waste opportunities.

Choose Your Attitude.

There are many things in this world that are out of our control, our attitude is not one of them. Each day, we get to choose our attitude and our approach to challenges and that choice makes all the difference.


It is okay to bring your personality to work. It is okay to smile and laugh. It is okay to admit that you love accounting.

Upcoming Events


Check out all the different events we will be attending this Fall (2017) in search for future CPAs. Redefined. Please make sure to swing by to say hi and to snag some BT&Co. swag.


Sept. 11                Pittsburg State Beta Alpha Psi Meet the Firms

Sept. 11                KSU Beta Alpha Psi Meet the Firms

Sept. 13                Washburn Career Fair

Sept. 15                KU Accounting Career Fair

Sept. 15                Washburn & Emporia State Beta Alpha Psi Meet the Firms

Sept. 26                KU Campus Interviews

Sept. 28                Pittsburg State Campus Interviews

Oct. 2                    KSU Campus Interviews

Oct. 3                    Washburn Campus Interviews