2018 State Withholding Changes

As we get ready for year-end payroll tax reporting for 2017, there were significant changes made in Kansas related to the tax law and withholding tables. You can read about these changes with our prior blogs noted below including the first blog which provided a link to the new state payroll tax withholding tables.




On top of the changes with the tax law, certain deadlines were also changed which effects your year-end reporting responsibilities.  The 2017 KW-3, Annual Kansas Withholding Tax Return including all W2’s and 1099’s are now due 1/31/18 instead of 2/28/18.  This filing deadline is pushed up 1 month from last year and now conforms with the W2 & W3 filing due date for the federal forms.

If you want to read the summarized pdf provided by the state, you can find that below.  


If you have any questions about the information above, or have anything other questions related to your year-end payroll tax reporting or Kansas tax law changes from the above referenced blogs, send us an email at info@btandcocpa.com or give us a call at (785) 234-3427.